Andy is a 500 hours Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher and a Reiki Master healer. She is a Canadian from Quebec who has been calling the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, home for the past few years. After completing a life changing 200 hours Yoga teacher training, she continued to deepen her knowledge of the lifestyle that Yoga is through anatomy courses and advanced Yoga teacher training. She began her instructor’s journey by teaching Yoga in the corporate world and at the private level. She now takes her qualifications, knowledge and deep love of Yoga all around the world. She is immensely grateful to have been able to teach Yoga and share Reiki in California, Canada, Australia, Nicaragua and Laos. Her journey is truly a free spirited one, an open hearted one.


Through teaching yoga and sharing Reiki, my mission is to induce clarity and calmness of mind. It is to create deeper inhales and calmer exhales. It is to inspire humans to mindfully live their fullest, brightest life. From the bottom of my heart and soul, my mission is to make yoga approachable, simple, spontaneous, accessible, breezy, expansive, magical, light, bright and happy for every breathing human body. 


Because yoga is truly for everyone. I want to teach and share with the heart, for every heart out there. 



Andy L.

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