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T É M O I G N A G E S 

" J’adore les cours de yoga, variés, dynamiques et accessibles. Plusieurs séances à des heures variées et planifiées selon le moment. De vraies moments de bien-être et de plaisir. En prime, de brèves capsules très intéressantes sur sa chaîne YouTube à faire quand on veut et en fonction de notre besoin. Tout pour notre bonheur en pratiquant le yoga accompagnée par une « super yogi » L’essayer c’est l’adopter! "

- Hélène Gauvreau, Québec, Canada

" Je recommande Andy autant pour ses séances de yoga en groupe que personnalisées ainsi que pour le Reiki. Ce sont toujours des moments exceptionnels enclin à l'introspection et au bien-être. Un petit plus, ses playlists que j'écoute même en dehors des séances.
Je la recommande à tous. Merci encore de m'aider à passer à travers 2020, tu me fais du bien! "

- Rebecca Gascon-Bruneau, Québec, Canada

" Andy has the gift of both passion and presence in her teachings. From start to finish she shows up for her students. As a yoga teacher myself, I value this quality as it gives me, the student a safe & inspiring space to practice. Lovely classes in Laos—thank you xo! Namaste "

- Lindsey Grantz, International Yoga teacher, USA

" Me and my team have been doing Yoga with Andreane for over half a year now. Andreane is an amazing Yoga teacher, embodying the relaxation, peace, harmony and physical health we all search for when doing Yoga. Her lessons are extremely well put together following a clear storyline and adjusting to the capabilities of the participants. Everyone is always highly looking forward to Yoga with Andreane and it gives us back great energy, relaxation and mindfulness in our busy weeks. I can highly recommend the Yoga experience with Andreane. "

- Tobias Kahnert, Former engineer at Impossible Aerospace, Germany

" Before my sessions with Andreane, I never tried Reiki. I am a spiritual person, but also a skeptical one. I must say that I was very surprised with what I experienced. Whether it is in a full hour session, or just a few minutes after a yoga class, the energy moving is palpable. I feel a great serenity, after a session, and during, it is hard to describe. Without even speaking to each other during the treatment, we realize that each of us feels sensibly the same things, at the same moment. It is a very special experience which is definitely worth living. Especially with Andreane and all her sensitivity. Give it a try! "

- Annie-Claude St-Jean, CEO at Tartinades Dimanche Matin, Canada

" We had the chance to welcome Andreane to give an inspirational talk and a yoga class in our center offering closed therapy for adolescents struggling with different addictions such as drugs, alcool, games and cyberdependance. It all started with the desire to introduce these anxious and hyperactives young people to an activity that has the power to calm them down, offer them a moment to get physically active and especially, to allow them to outdo and surprise themselves with the different yoga postures. The experience was so positive. Andreane is a passionate teacher who was able to pass on this passion to our adolescents who, them have forgotten their own passions. Following this class, many manifested their interest to sign up for classes when they go back home. Moreover, the interest and benefits on our clientele appeared so evident that yoga is now part of our regular activity program. Passion, calm and balance are essential elements to transmit to our suffering clients. Isn’t it exactly the essence of yoga?

Thank you Andreane. "

- Eve Leblanc, caseworker at Le Grand Chemin therapy center, Canada

" Andy is a very knowledgeable and talented yoga-teacher, her classes are usually set around a particular intention and leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered! They are created well to suit beginners right through to experienced yogis and her flows will leave you feeling strong and wanting more. Andy is such a divine light and her calming energy is one of the most powerful I have come across, anyone that has the pleasure to meet her will surely experience this too. "

- Iona Jane Buntain Barrie, Registered yoga teacher, Australia

I have had the pleasure of being taught by Andy and it is truly a wonderful experience. Andy is an extremely talented teacher that will challenge you not only physically but also mentally.  She intuitively guides you safely through your Asana practice and most importantly teaches authentically and from the heart. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or experiencing your very first yoga class, you will be in safe and loving hands.

- Kelly Wampler, Registered yoga teacher, United-States

While I was in Nicaragua for a short trip, I ended up in small place where I met this beautiful human being that change my perspective of life in only an hour with a Reiki session. I was not a spiritual person and had no expectation about this Japanese technic. I just let it go during this hour. Andy has a special energy that will bring out the best of you and she will guide you during this beautiful journey. She is the person who helped me to see clear during what I call a big meltdown in my life. This reiki session changes up my life and I will be forever grateful to Andy, this passionate yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Thank you Andy!

- Valérie Papillon, Quebec, Canada

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