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Minimalism : declutter to recenter

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juil. 2018

The beginning of a mindfully happy journey towards minimalism.


It was a rainy, gloomy, grey day. The kind of day where you just feel like curling up cozily onto your couch, drinking a caffeinated yet heartwarming beverage while binge watching a comfy feel good serie. Which is pretty much what we did (we being hubby and I), although while I was insisting on re-watching some (amazing) show for the fifth time, we stumbled upon a documentary with a very promising title : Minimalism : A documentary about the important things. And lazily lounging on the couch we didn’t do!

The message stated by the two bloggers-writers-speakers-producers (The Minimalists), who also are the stars of the movie, is so simple that it can be hard to truly grasp at first : possessing less makes you happier. That’s it. According to them, all the stuff we accumulate, all the stuff we think we should have, all the stuff piling up in our living spaces is preventing us from living an authentic, free and light life. The Minimalists explain how they both climbed the corporate ladder at a very young age and succeeded in making a comfortable 6 figures income way before 30 years old. They were living the true american dream in their huge houses filled with expensive cars, clothes, watches, electronics, etc. Everything on their be-happy list was checked, but guess what, they were not happy.

They were so focused on external success (career, money, house...), that they completely forgot that the measure of success is not necessarily where advertisers and brands would like you to think it is. So, they started decluttering every little dusty corner of their lives, in order to recenter themselves to what is really important (passions, relationships, growth, community…) and make room for it.

Declutter to recenter.

After watching the documentary with a growing interest, I realized that it was directly expressing a feeling that I had for a while, without being able to put a finger on it. I needed to declutter, RIGHT NOW. Hubby and I went through all our clothes and other things removing heeps and donating them all to Goodwill. We had at least four huge garbage bags full of mixed unused items. We instantly felt better, lighter, like we could breathe a little easier. Our journey into minimalism had just begun, and we could already feel the relief effect of it.

It was one and a half year ago.

Since then, we never stopped questioning everything we possess to make sure that it is bringing joy and sparkles into our life. Otherwise, we just get rid of it. Driving to Goodwill every two or three weeks has become almost a ritual for us. Shedding old, unused, broken, unnecessary things allows us to make room for more experiences, connections, passions, learning, in our heads, in our home and in our hearts! I mean, it is so liberating to know that we can easily move to a different place, or that it is not such a catastrophe if the house lights on fire, simply because we don’t own much things. Plus, are things really making us happier? Or are they just a cover up for some internal, deeper, dark feelings? Or maybe the result of that high pressure society puts on us to have more...?

I am not saying that you guys should get rid of all your possessions right now, but maybe, you could try to invite some more of that good old mindfulness into your next shopping spree. Ask yourself questions before welcoming a 60th pair of shoes into your closet : WHY am I buying this? Are these shoes going to really make me HAPPY? It might open your mind (and close your wallet) to a whole new perspective.

Inhale. Exhale. Minimize material to maximize #happiness.


Andy L.

P.s. Stay tuned for another #minimalism article as we just moved from a huge townhouse to a (soooo cute-cozy-perfect) mini home!!

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