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Antistress hack 6 : sweat it out

Physical activity is not just a good way to build a 6-pack or to successfully run a marathon. Even a few sweaty minutes everyday has amazing #antistress benefits that are sure to make you live a happier, calmer, more magical life.

Surfing to relieve stress

Photo credit : Kenza Sassi

I have always been a fairly active person. PE was always me favorite class at school. I was dancing ballet and playing soccer my whole childhood up until my university years. Moving, sweating, accelerating my pulse, having my face all red and being exhausted from it has always been something I enjoyed (yes, even the red face part). When I got to university, it seemed like I had no time for that anymore. I was working and being lazy part time and studying and stressing full time. Not necessarily the healthiest program… My IBS was full force, as well as exciting migraines and delightful nights of insomnia.


When these evil things were coming my way, I would just want to curl up in my bed, not moving an inch of my body. Exercising was kilometers away from my brain. Painkillers, super strong acetaminophen tablets and Valerian were pretty much my best friends.

When I graduated and began to work full time, I realized how sad it was that I wasn’t doing any exercise since, well, many years! I realized how I missed having a scheduled physical activity every week. And most of all, I realized how weak my body was becoming. So, I started running. Just like that, for fun, no pressure, no stress, no attachment to outcome or anything. I just wanted to sweat. It quickly became a habit, almost an addiction. IT MADE ME FEEL SO GOOD. And it made my want to do more. Sweat more. Move more.

Looking back, I can say that it even helped greatly reduce all my stress related problems (IBS, migraines, insomnia).

It is not s surprise that physical activity has amazingly magical health properties. It is good for the heart, the muscles, can push illnesses far away, and much more. But being active can also help to reduce the bodies’ responses to stress!

  • Via the release of endorphins, physical activity can help you sleep better (bye insomnia).

  • Also, endorphins are known to be a natural painkiller (by stomach ache).

  • Being active elevates the mood (bye grumpy cat) and self esteem (bye self deprecation).

  • Practicing a sport increases the overall energy level (bye sluggishness) and concentration (bye tired mind).

  • Plus, being busy with a physical task keeps your mind away from the object of stress (bye dark and obsessive thoughts).

So, go for it. Choose a physical activity that makes you smile and fly and feel strong and practice it. As many times and as long as it feels great to you. And go for it, even if your stomach hurts, even if you haven’t slept the night before, even if your head is killing you. Chances are, you’ll be able to say bye to them all. Sweat it all out.

What’s your favorite stress goodbyer activity?


Andy L.


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