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Is Yoga for you?

I know I am just rambling, but, that’s only the plain cold simple truth : Yoga is for everyone!

Yoga is for everyone
Credits : Anupam Mahapatra / Unsplash

I am very much aware that, these days, in the Western world, Yoga is very often depicted and represented as this very physical activity that only white skinny yet muscular and tall ladies wearing expensive clothes can attend to. Medias, brands and influenceurs make it seem as if the ultimate goal of Yoga was to stand on our hands on the beach or re-creating a Picasso’s masterpiece with our bodies. It truly seems like only very unusually flexible and physically strong people are allowed in the Yoga realm.

It couldn’t be more of a mis-representation.

What if I can’t afford these beautiful and pricey Yoga pants?

Well, to be super honest, you don’t need to wear Yoga pants to practice Yoga. You could wear your favorite sweatpants or your super comfy gym shorts. The key is to wear something in which you are comfortable and free to have a great range of motion. Also, leggings are quite easy to find in thrift shop for a fraction of the insane retail price.

What if I have back problems?

Yoga has been proven to be very helpful and soothing for back pain. In a studio, always tell your teacher that you have back issues, and they’ll give you modifications so you can experience the full benefits of the practice. Online, you can easily find some videos titled something like Yoga for back pain. With the right practice, you’ll actually be able to work with your unique body, and most likely melt the pain away.

What if I am too stressed out to concentrate?

The monkey mind phenomenon is a real struggle. Almost everyone experience difficulty shutting it up, creating a taller and taller Lego tower of stress which prevent us to be totally present in the moment. The cool thing is that, overtime, when sticking to a Yoga practice can teach us to turn the switch to off for short but recurrent periods of time, therefore making the Yogi experience the benefits of mindfulness. All this to say that, Yoga can help you deal with stress and, over time, reducing it.

What if I am unhappy with the way my body looks?

Yoga is, literally, for every body. Whether very skinny or very big, dark or pale, covered in freckles or pimples, every breathing body can move and benefit from the practice. Moreover, as Yoga is a practice that draws you inwards, forces you to tune in to your body and makes you achieve all sorts of more or less physical prowesses, Yoga can very possibly allow you to find a new appreciation for that beautiful and unique body of yours.

What if Yoga classes in at the nearest studio are way too expensive?

That is, in my opinion, one of the biggest problems in some major, bigger cities, especially in the West ; Yoga comes with a super high price. There are other options though. You could find free videos on Youtube and have your practice at home. You could look for donation based classes in your city. You could use the new student offer at a studio near you to try it out first. You could ask for Yoga at your workplace and establish a new program.

What if I am not flexible enough to even touch my toes?

A good Yoga instructor will show many variations, for the different poses, for many levels of flexibility, because being able to do the splits is absolutely not a prerequisite to join a Yoga class. Yoga can be adapted to where your body is at, at that very moment and will teach you to respect that unique place and work with it, not force through it. Plus, with time, Yoga will definitely improve your articulations’ range of motion.

Are you now convinced that Yoga is for everyone? Do you have other “ what ifs ” for me?

I wish you happy Yoga!


Andy L.


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