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Solo travel? But, Why?

I feel like I spent my whole life waiting. Waiting to start school and for school to end. Waiting for Santa Claus and the family trips. Waiting to move away and to start a new job. Waiting for the paycheck and the vacations.

Why travelling solo?

More recently, waiting for something to happen in my housewife life and for my husband to finish his workday. And then, I got tired of waiting all the time. And then, it hit me ; life is not meant to be spend just waiting or wishing or waiting or looking forward to the future or waiting…

Life is meant to be lived truly fully mindfully happily presently.

I’ve always kinda secretly wanted to travel the world. I am not sure I ever formulated this dream of mine out loud, but, I always wanted to have a career that would allow me to travel and work abroad. I’ve always been kinda jealous of these international business women who need to go to Paris for work or something. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I chose to study fashion marketing… That leap of faith my husband and I took when moving away to California was, in a sense, the front door to a whole wide and wild world of possibilities.

As I was slowly but surely falling down the slippery slope leading to depression, few months after settling in California, I felt the urge, the tingling, the spark to do something for myself. Something bold and drastic that would shake my whole being and boost the tiny little gleam of self confidence I still had, way deep down. I was tired of waiting. So without thinking about it too much, I applied to volunteer in a hostel, in Central America. For 2 months. And off I went, a few months later, by myself for the first time. Did I like the experience? Well, let’s just say that, since then, I’ve traveled five other times solo.

1. About the waiting

When travelling solo, there is no more waiting for people to join you. No more waiting for schedules to fit together or people to save enough money. The solo traveler can just come and go whenever they please!

2. About the compromises

No need to compromise when it is time to choose which activities to do or what food to eat. When I travel solo, I can do whatever I truly really want to whenever I truly want to. It allows me to be my most authentic and free self!

3. About the openness

Travelling alone opens not only my mind, but also my heart! It’s funny how, when I don’t have anyone I know to rely on, everything becomes possible and it seems as if I suddenly becomes super open and social. I become more open to connect with other humans in such a meaningful way.

4. About the empowerment

Journeying around the globe by myself has empowered me so much. As a woman, I often feel like I am not strong enough, not resourceful enough, not smart enough to do some things. Like travelling far far away, for example. But you know what? I am strong enough. I am resourceful enough. I am smart enough. Really. These solo travels have been so empowering and showed me just how brave and daring and bold I can be (while being super smart and careful).

5. About the mindfulness

Finally, flying away alone enhances tremendously my degree of consciousness. Meaning that, when I rely solely on myself to go around a new country where people speak a different language, I become intensely mindful of every single thing that is happening around me. Which is amazing to stay fully present and enjoy every bit of the adventure.

Have you experienced solo traveling before? How was t for you?


Andy L.


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