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Yoga is for everyone

From the bottom of my heart, I believe, I know, that yoga is for all. For everyone. For every body. For every living breathing human body.

Yoga for everyone


Even for people who cannot do the split.

Even for young people.

Even for old people.

Even for people who do not like yoga pants.

Even for people who never did yoga before.

Even for people who experience any sort of physical pain.

Even for people who are on the strong and sweatier side of exercising.

Even for kids.

Even for skinny people.

Even for heavy people.

Even for people who already practice a sport.

Even for new moms.

Even for new dads.

Even for new dog owners

Even for people who don’t exercise.

Even for pregnant people.

Even for people who don’t have time.

Even for people who have health issues.

Even for people who identify to whatever gender or race.

Even for people who think it is not for them.

Yoga is for everyone.

It can be adapted for everyone’s own physical capacities. It can be very hard and make you sweat buckets (Hello Bikram and Ashtanga!), but it can also be soft, gentle and soothing (Yin and restorative, my two besties). Yoga can make you improve your posture, reinforce your physical strength and calm your busy mind (and much, MUCH more).

Is yoga magic or what? I think it is. You just have to find the right type of magic for you and only you. So, take a break from your chaotic everyday activities, breathe, and find yoga! I swear (like, for real!) the chaos is going to, slowly but surely, leave room for more happiness and more peacefulness to creep into your life.

Yoga is for everyone…

… and is good for everyone.


Andy L.


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