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How to own your shit

The present western society we live in today is boring. Everything (literally everything) is readily available at the click of a button, laziness and quick fixes are prioritized, money and power are acknowledged as success, high levels of education are applauded and the opposite decried…

The list of “ good ” things to do and be to fit the common mold could go on and on. But, what if I want to overflow the mold and spill my amazing weirdness all around? That is exactly what I am aiming for, all day every day.

But it is haarrrrddd…

If I’d absolutely had to put a tag on it, I’d say that, my heart, my soul, is clearly a hippy. A little bit of an outcast. A free spirity-boho person. A witch. A moon child or something. All these wonderfully freakish characteristics are not exactly approved or especially well-regarded by the american dream seekers who populate most of my surrounding. I find it extremely difficult to live by my true essence when the whole world around seems to be saying something like : “ dude, what the hell are you doing? This won’t get you anywhere!”. Living boldly like I so want to and screaming my amazingness out loud is so so so difficult because I feel like there are high expectations and important things I should be doing. Like having a “ normal ” job maybe?

I’m not sure where that pressure I’m painfully carrying on my shoulders is coming from… Parents probably. Society surely. Myself perhaps… Maybe it is a product of an overexposure to lives of others through social medias, leading to the inevitable comparisons with old schoolmates and other more “ successful ” people. How am I suppose to own my shit when everything around is screaming at me : “ You can’t do this. It is too risky. ”??? Or maybe, it is my own, annoying internal voice…! Yeah, it is most likely myself screaming at my own distorted reflection in the mirror of my pointless mind.

Maybe, just maybe, I am the one blocking myself from living that bold, magical, authentic life that I desperately want to...

By allowing others to affect my mind and my own perception of myself, I weakened my determination and motivation to actually owning my beautiful, magical, unique shit!! As I write these lines, I realize how true this is and how deeply I let myself be dragged in the mud for no good reason, by MYSELF. Wow.

Now, what do I do to stop this mind madness going on and begin to live fully, truly and authentically? Here are some ideas I have :

  • When I’ll feel the comparison compulsion rising, I will turn off my phone, and go away from it for a while, maybe by going for a walk outside.

  • I will repeat to myself phrases such as : “ I am wonderful and unique.”, or “ I deserve to do what I love. ”, or “ I am the master of my own life ”.

  • I will distance myself from people who seem to have a negative impact on my personal path and I preventing me from expressing my true self fully.

  • I will be brave.

  • I will stop whining and get shit done.

  • I will stop putting all the blame on others.

  • I will stop “ shoulding ”. I mean, I SHOULD not do anything!!

Do you find yourself in a similar mindset sometimes? What are your tricks and hacks to own your stuff?


Andy L.


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