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What is health?

Dernière mise à jour : 15 janv. 2020

One might think that I am somewhat obsessed with health. I research all health related topics, I read health related books, I have quite a healthy lifestyle, I talk (a lot) about subjects related to health, I think about it a lot too. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few months ago, and since then, my curiosity for health in general and incurable auto-immune diseases in particular took a drastic ascension.

I don’t think that I am the only one like that, though. In fact, I feel that health has become an overall obsession, that unfortunately, often results in unhealthy habits (ironic, isn’t it…). Just take a look around if you don’t believe me… The fad diets industry is thriving, the juice cleanses madness has taken over, Yoga has boomed exponentially, self care has become a common marketing tactic and the cult of youthfulness is making the plastic surgeons and pharmaceutical businesses richer and richer.

It is all fake. I am not interested in a type of health, the one that promotes looking healthy rather than living and actually being healthy. I am not interested in faking my way through health by eating only fat and meat and applying chemicals on my skin. What passionates me is the natural type of health. It is using what mama Earth has concocted for us to be healthy inside and out. It is finding ways to be and feel health in my body, my mind and my soul and that, for sure, doesn’t involve any type of chemical drugs or costly injections or restrictive ways of eating.

Many people think that they’d rather eat whatever greasy-fatty-sugary foods they want in an amount that they want, because THAT is truly living and who even cares about the future, we’re all going to die anyway. That last part couldn’t be more accurate, but for the rest, I couldn’t agree less. Yes, we are all going to die eventually, the question is, then, what to do meanwhile?

During our journey here on Earth, time is the only thing we truly have a say in. It is very short, but it is the only thing we can control and use to our benefit. When we grasp that fact, perhaps we can ponder what to do with it. Is wrecking our health with a diet that we know is terrible for us more precious then, say, spending time with our family? Is damaging our bodies with syringes full of eternal youth promising fluid more precious than actually accepting and loving ourselves? Is watching Netflix more meaningful than moving our bodies and strengthening our hearts? Is scrolling down social medias more purposeful than fulfilling our passions and dreams?

I sincerely hope not.

Thing is, there is no magic pill to health, nor is there quick fixes or miracle ways of achieving it. Health is a self care practice that doesn’t have a start or finish. It is an ongoing process of striving to be the best versions of ourselves we possibly can. I would even argue that not taking care of our health, at least a minimum, is a pure act of selfishness. When we don’t take care of ourselves and our health starts to decline, whether it is physical or mental, we unintentionally become a burden for our loved ones, our work colleagues and even society in general! If you ever had someone sick in any way in your surroundings, think about all the worries you had, all the sleepless nights, all the tweaks and absences in your schedule, all the visits to health care providers, all the sadness… We certainly did or would do all of those and even more, just out of sheer love, but, what if we could do something to prevent these to happen? What if we could work on ourselves so we can hinder our loved ones to live these unpleasant realities?

Of course, there is no way to avoid all the sorenesses of being human, but there is definitely a whole lot we can do to ease and thrive our way through life and it all starts with self love.

Self love is not something I used to practice that much… I never found myself to be beautiful or strong or confident. I either faked it (you know, like in fake it ‘till you make it!) or just dismissed it. Resting is not something I allowed my body or my mind to do that much. Though, since my diagnosis, I figured I didn’t have the choice but to respect and appreciate my body and my whole complete self, just in order to heal. Now, naps are part of my routine and I am constantly being in awe before my strong and capable body. Don’t do like I did and wait until you are pushed to the wall to react. I thrive under pressure, but it’s quite and extreme game to play when the opponent is myself...

So, yes, health is one of my passions and certainly part of my life purpose and I invite you to consider what you can do right now to reach towards it. Your life is valuable, you are valuable, you deserve a happy, fulfilling and passionate life, and I believe it starts by taking care of your gorgeous self.

And that starts with your health.

What area of your health are you struggling with? How can I be of service to you?

Don’t hesitate to reach out, I would be immensely glad to help you.


Andy L.


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