What is health?

Dernière mise à jour : 15 janv. 2020

One might think that I am somewhat obsessed with health. I research all health related topics, I read health related books, I have quite a healthy lifestyle, I talk (a lot) about subjects related to health, I think about it a lot too. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few months ago, and since then, my curiosity for health in general and incurable auto-immune diseases in particular took a drastic ascension.

I don’t think that I am the only one like that, though. In fact, I feel that health has become an overall obsession, that unfortunately, often results in unhealthy habits (ironic, isn’t it…). Just take a look around if you don’t believe me… The fad diets industry is thriving, the juice cleanses madness has taken over, Yoga has boomed exponentially, self care has become a common marketing tactic and the cult of youthfulness is making the plastic surgeons and pharmaceutical businesses richer and richer.