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Covid-19 anti-stress tips

The actual state of the world is messed up right now, let us be honest! We’re living in a weird blur, part confined, and isolated, part wanting to go out and see people, but also kind of scared of human contacts.

Covid-19 is probably bringing up many emotions to the surface. Maybe we feel abandoned or discouraged, maybe we fear for our loved ones, maybe we have seen lives ending, maybe we feel lonely and isolated. One thing is for sure, stress and anxiety have rarely been more omnipresent and their creepy mind-invading tentacles more persistent.

It is absolutely normal to feel distressed; the global pandemic is threatening our security and sense of safety and it is challenging us in many many unforeseen ways. Our nervous system is all alert and active, because we feel the heaviness of the threat and we perceive it is directly putting us in danger. Maybe we feel the physical effects of that stress piling up on our chest, affecting our heart beats, jamming our shoulders and compromising our sleep. Thing is, ongoing stress that is not addressed and taking care of might result in more serious physical and mental health problems, making us slip into an even darker rabbit hole. That is why it is vital for all of us to check in with our stress level and take action. Now.

Here are a few stress reducing ideas that could support you in this madness of a time :

  1. Sunshine. Go out a little bit! Turn your face towards the warming sun and feel its comforting rays on your skin.

  2. Sweat. Move your body, shake your body, dance your body! Let it out once in a while. Even just for a short walk outside.

  3. Tech-break. Take a break from technologies at least once a day. Keep away from social medias and news streams for a while each day.

  4. Surroundings. Surround yourself with things that induce joy and happiness to you. Food, clothes, plants, games, souvenirs…

  5. Yoga. Yoga and meditation can help you dive into the present moment and make you stay in a state of mindfulness, away from unnecessary stress.

  6. Speak. Voice your concerns and feelings to someone you trust. That’s what phones are for... originally!

  7. Welcome. Greet the feelings as they arise within you. Say Hi to your stress, recognize it, allow it to exist. And then, kindly but firmly show him/her the door.

  8. Accept. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Accept that some days are better than others. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself ; nothing will ever be 100% perfect anyway. That’s a fact.

  9. Remember. You are worth it. You are worth your own energy to be put towards yourself and your wellbeing. Taking care of YOU is how you’ll be able to take care of OTHERS.

Has the pandemic awaken your stress tendencies? How are you dealing with them?

Let’s exchange tips and tricks, so we can together rise and feel better!


Andy L.


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