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Hacks for mindful quarantine living

The whole planet has embarked into a new, unknown and definitely unforeseen era with #Covid19 as its main pilot.

We humans are (hopefully) realizing that we only have a limited amount of control over the steering wheel and that control mainly resides in our capacity-will-fortitude to remain calm and stay (the f***) home. #Selfisolation, social distancing and quarantinesque practices have quickly become our new norms. And with it may come a fair (truck) load of #stress, #anxiety and, yes, maybe, boredom. So, in order to support you and share my newly found #quarantine wisdom (lol...), here is a list of tricks and hacks that you might want to implement between two rounds of Zoom meetings and remote work! Because, don’t get me wrong, Netflix and chill is amazing, but, sometimes, we might be in the mood for something else…


Did you know that a lack of sleep diminishes the proper functioning of the immune system, therefore weakening our innate response to undesirable invaders such as viruses? We must make sure to get plenty of sleep, according to our household situations and stress levels, of course, and if we don’t, here are a few suggestions.

  • Have a little power nap on the couch.

  • Use apps to help you fall asleep faster.

  • Turn off your electronic devices and TV an hour before bedtime.

  • Drink chamomile herbal tea at night.

  • Don’t eat right before bedtime.


We have to make sure we deal with that lingering stress of ours, as it weakens the immune system to be in a heightened and constant state of alertness. The key is to relax our nervous systems and have our minds focus on something else than, oh, I don’t know, the news, for example.

  • Start meditating with online videos or courses or even apps.

  • Add some breathing exercises into your daily routine.

  • Take a warm bath.

  • Read a captivating book.

  • Watch a funny movie.

  • Sing at the top of your lungs

  • Do a little sound healing therapy with videos or apps or specific Spotify playlists.

  • Have a distance Reiki energy healing session with me!


Since many of us are working at a computer, it can be really easy to just skip that crucial self-care tip. Let’s make sure we move our beautiful bodies every single day to increase all its functions and capacities.

  • Follow online classes or workouts.

  • Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride…

  • Take little desk breaks throughout the day to just stretch and walk it out.

  • Make up your own little workout routine using what you have at home (stairs, countertop, bench, etc).


Use our isolation time to activate the creativity area of our brains and try new things. We are all creative beings, it’s just that we tend to forget…

  • Invent a new quarantine recipe.

  • Rearrange your furnitures and decorations to create a new space.

  • Reconnect with your inner child and explore your young ages artistic talents drawing, painting, sketching, wood working…

  • Invent a new Yoga sequence, dance move, musical piece...

  • Write poetry, or anything else.

  • Try a new hair do or, for the boldest amongst us, a new self-made haircut.

  • Take artistic quarantine photos.


If we are unfortunately out of work, or if we find ourselves with more than enough time amid working from home, we could use it to learn something new. That something we’ve been thinking of for a while already.

  • Try some free online classes of a subject that’s interesting to you.

  • Watch Youtube videos to learn to knit, play an instrument, sew...

  • Read a book about art history or astrology or …

  • Watch a documentary.

  • If your budget permits it, subscribe to an online course.


We are indeed social beings (to different degrees, for sure…). We like to be around people and we need these social contacts to thrive both emotionally and mentally. In times of self-isolation, it is so important to cultivate our connections. It’s our sanity that’s at stake!

  • Organize online family reunions and friendly happy hours.

  • Write to a friend you haven’t heard of in a while.

  • Create FB groups with your friends and family to facilitate daily exchanges.

  • Call your mom.

  • Join an online group that relates to your interests.

  • Interact with people and organizations you follow on social media.


Finally, perhaps we could use all that newly found free time to do that introspection we’ve been putting off for years. I feel like it is the perfect time to ask ourselves the big questions and seek the answers within the depths of our souls. Perhaps we take that planetary pause to become even better versions of ourselves…

  • Where am I going? Why? How?

  • What is really important to me?

  • What truly matters right now?

  • What are my passions at the moment?

  • How could I be of service to others?

  • What is my purpose?

Now, I realize and acknowledge that not everyone is confined and practices self-isolation and not everyone actually has time to do all the points mentioned above. To all the essential workers and health and medical providers, I sincerely hope that you still get a little time to, at least rest, relax and connect with your loved ones. I am immensely grateful for your work. To all the moms and dads, I hope that you get some time off duty, even a little, to recharge your batteries.

And to all the humans who read all of this, I wish you all the health, all the light, all the love. Remember that, even though we are isolated right now, we are isolated TOGETHER. You are not alone.

What are your quarantine hacks? Let’s share!


Andy L.


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